Plamena Georgieva

Plamena Georgieva is a PhD candidate in Archaeology at Sofia University “St.  Kliment Ohridski,” Bulgaria. Her primary research interests center on architecture, architectural ornament, and interior decoration of monumental buildings in Roman Thrace. While her current work concerns the analysis of the architectural decoration of public buildings discovered in Philippopolis (present-day Plovdiv, Bulgaria), she has also worked on excavations of several Roman and Late Antique settlements, villas, and forts.

Georgieva has participated in the Third International Conference on Roman and Late Antique Thrace held in Komotini, Greece (October 18-21, 2018). She has also presented a paper at the Graduate workshop: Architecture and the Ancient Economy held in Berlin (September 23, 2019). Her article “Decorative elements of the scaenae frons of the Roman theatre in Philippopolis” is forthcoming.




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