Plamena Georgieva

Plamena Dakasheva is a PhD candidate in Archaeology at Sofia University and Young Scholar at the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her primary research interests focus on architecture, architectural ornament, and interior decoration of monumental buildings in Roman Thrace. While her current work concerns the analysis of the architectural decoration of public buildings discovered in Philippopolis (present-day Plovdiv, Bulgaria), she also takes part in field surveys and excavations of the Roman colony of Deultum.

Dakasheva participates in the international project “Fingerprinting white marbles. Quarries and Cities of Roman Thrace, 1st – 3rd century AD” and in 2022, she joined in the IMMERSIUM Heritage Field School at the Archaeological Park Viminacium. Her articles on the decorative elements of the Roman agora, stadium and theatre at Philippopolis are forthcoming.




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