A Travel Seminar Investigating Architectural Interactions across Northern Greek, Macedonian, Thracian, and Pontic Regions in the late Classical and Hellenistic Periods


Architectural design connected the far-flung communities of the ancient Greek world and was a powerful means of communication between these communities and their neighbors. Thrace and the Black Sea littoral, areas that bordered and interacted with the Greek world but were not wholly subsumed by it, offer an excellent opportunity to examine the creative dissemination, appropriation, and adaptation of Greek architectural ideas across a wide range of ethnic communities and geographic circumstances.

In this Getty-sponsored travel seminar, we bring together advanced graduate students, emerging professionals, and senior scholars across modern borders to investigate the formation and communication of architectural ideas north of the Aegean in the late Classical and Hellenistic periods. The collaboration involves sharing ideas in the study of architecture, building relationships across ancient cultural and modern national boundaries, and pressing toward innovative methods and theoretical approaches to ancient architecture emerging from these remarkable regions.

Beyond the Northern Aegean is supported by the Getty Foundation as part of its Connecting Art Histories initiative. It is administered through the Art History Department at Emory University. 

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