Nadezhda Nalimova

Nadezhda Nalimova is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), where she earned her PhD in Art History (2008) in the Department of History of Art. Her research interests are primarily focused on the Greek architecture and its decoration (both sculptural and painted), questions of style, iconography, semantics and genesis of monumental decorative forms. She also explores the interaction and circulation of artistic ideas across the ancient Mediterranean. She is one of the organizers of the special seminar “Art of the Ancient Mediterranean: Cultural Contact, Parallels and Influences” serving scholars and students specializing in ancient art in the Department of Art History at MSU.

Her recent publications include Symbolism and Narrative in the Sculptural Decoration of Apollo Smintheus Temple in Troas. In Numismatica e antichità classiche. Quaderni Ticinesi (NAC), 48, pp. 79–94 (2019); Lycian «historical relief»: the origins of a concept and its echoes in later art. In Numismatica e antichità classiche. Quaderni Ticinesi (NAC), 47, pp. 25–41 (2018); The Origin and Meaning of Floral imagery in the Monumental Art of Macedonia (4th – 3rd centuries BC). In Macedonian – Byzantine – Roman: and The Art of Northern Greece from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. (eds. N. Nalimova, A. Zakharova, T.P. Kisbali), pp. 1 –25 (2017).



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