Musa Kadıoğlu is Professor of Classical Archaeology at Ankara University and Director of Excavations at Teos in Ionia since 2010. His primary research interests center on Greek and Roman architecture in Asia Minor, investigated through excavation, 3D digital modeling and architectural restoration and reconstruction. While his current work concerns archaic and Hellenistic Ionic temple architecture — specifically the excavation and publication of the Sanctuary of Dionysus and of the late archaic Ionic temple at Teos. He has also worked in Nysa on the Maeander (Ph.d. Freiburg in Breisgau/Deutschland, 2002), Magnesia on the Meander (MA, Ankara University, 1997) and Stratonikeia (Caria).

He started his academic career in 1995 as a research assistant at the department of Classical Archaeology at the Faculty of Letters of the Ankara University, in 2006 became Associate Professor and since 2011 is a full professor at the same department. His Ph.D. thesis was elected for the Günter Wöhrle Achievement Award in 2002 by the state foundation “Humanismus Heute” and has also received the 2007 Encouragement Award of Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) for the publication of his Ph.D. thesis. Kadıoğlu has received fellowships from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2012/2013), the University of Freiburg i.Br. (2000/2001) and the DAAD (1998).

His books include Nysa on the Maeander: Die Scaenae Frons des Theaters von Nysa am Mäander, Forschungen in Nysa am Mäander I (2006); Das Gerontikon von Nysa am Mäander, Forschungen in Nysa am Mäander III (2014); Roman Ancyra (2011 with K. Görkay and S. Mitchell).



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