Görkem Kökdemir

Görkem Kökdemir is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Language, History, and Geography, Department of Classical Archaeology, Ankara University. He finished his Ph.D. in the same department in 2009 with thesis “Propylon in Magnesia on the Meander.”

He has been a co-director of the excavations of Magnesia on the Meander (Aydın-Turkey) since 2010 with Prof. Orhan Bingöl, the director of the excavations. His primary research interests center on ancient architecture and architectural decorations. While his current work concerns the excavation and publication of the Magnesia, he has also researched in Smintheion (Çanakkale-Turkey) on the architecture of the temple of Apollon Smintheus, and in Erythrai (Çeşme-Turkey) on the architecture of the city in Archaic Period.

Kökdemir was awarded the George M. A. and Ilse B. Hanfmann Fellowships by the American Research Institute of Turkey for his studies on Magnesia on the Meander; he visited Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Heidelberg for related work in 2007-2008.

Websites: http://cv.ankara.edu.tr/gkokdemir@ankara.edu.tr; https://ankara.academia.edu/G%C3%B6rkemK%C3%B6kdemir

Contact: gorkem.kokdemir@ankara.edu.tr

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