Dimitra Andrianou

Dimitra Andrianou is a Senior Researcher at the National Hellenic Research Foundation at Athens, Greece. She graduated from the Department of Archaeology and Art History, University of Athens (1992), and continued her graduate studies as a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania (MA in Archaeology and Architecture, 1997) and Bryn Mawr College (PhD in Hellenistic Archaeology, 2003). She was a research assistant at the Institute for the Study of Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) and a museum intern at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. She has received fellowships from the American Research Institute in Turkey (2019-2020), the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Hirsch Fellowship, 2003-2004), the Fulbright Foundation (1994-1999), and the A. G. Leventis Foundation (1998-2000).

Her monographs include The Furniture and Furnishings of Ancient Greek Houses and Tombs (Cambridge 2009), Memories in Stone: Figured Grave Reliefs from Aegean Thrace (Athens 2017), and the edited volume Cultural History of Furniture, volume I (Bloomsbury Press, in press). In 2010, she was awarded a prize by the Academy of Athens for her monograph The Furniture and Furnishings of Ancient Greek Houses and Tombs.

Dimitra Andrianou has excavated extensively in Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. Her primary research interests center on domestic and funerary archaeology, social history, and Greek epigraphy.

Website: https://eie.academia.edu/DimitraAndrianou

Contact: dandr@eie.gr

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