Daniela Stoyanova

Daniela Stoyanova is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of History, Department of Archaeology, Sofia University (D. Phl. 2002). Her primary research interests centre on the architecture in ancient Thrace and the Greek colonies on the west coast of Black Sea, investigated through modern excavations, earlier documentation, and publications of known and newly excavated monuments and artefacts. At present, she is part of the team that excavates the Getic city in Sboryanovo, North-east Bulgaria. She also works in Apollonia (on the Black Sea) and Abdera (on the North Aegean coast) as a member of several international teams.

Her selected articles and chapters of books (in English) include:

Stoyanova, D., Damyanov, M. 2019: ‘The Palmette Antefixes in the Black Sea Area: New Evidence from Apollonia Pontica’, in: H. Kaba, G. Kan Şahin, B. M. Akarsu, O. Bozoğlan (eds.) International Symposium on Sinope and Black Sea Archaelogy “Ancient Sinope and the Black Sea”, Proceedings Book, 13–15 October 2017, Sinop, Türkiye, Sinop, 195–206.

Stoyanova, D. 2017. Doors of Tombs in Southeastern Thrace in the Pre-roman Period. – In: Stoyanova, D., Boykov, Gr., Lozanov, Iv. (eds.) Cities in Southeastern Thrace. Continuity and Transformation. Sofia, 2017, 29-59.

Stoyanova, D., Ch. Tzochev, 2016. The Tomb with the Panthers in Zhaba mogila, Strelcha: Preliminary observations. – Proceedings of the National Museum of History (Studia in honorem Bozhidari Dimitrov), XXVIII, Sofia, 2016, 99-122.

Stoyanova, D. 2015. Roof tiles. – In: Stoyanov, T. (ed.) Sboryanovo, vol. III, The Thracian city. City Planning, Fortification system, Architecture, Sofia, 2015, 323-349.

Stoyanova, D. 2015. Tomb Architecture. – In: Valeva, J., Nankov, E., Graninger, D. (eds.) A Companion to Ancient Thrace, Chichester, 2015, 158-179.

Contact: daniela.stoyanova.su@gmail.com

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