Claire Seidler

Claire Seidler is an Art History PhD student at Emory University under the direction of Dr. Bonna D. Wescoat. Her major field of research centers on the sacred architecture of ancient Greece. For her minor field, she is interested in Ancient Egyptian architecture and image-making. Seidler’s qualifying paper focuses on her work on the architectural terracottas of the stoa roof in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace. She plans to focus her dissertation on the architecture of this Northern Aegean island. She has gained great insight and experience through international partnerships and teamwork and this continued collaboration will be critical to the advancement of her study in Greek architecture and beyond.

Seidler has presented at the AIA/SCS annual meeting with paper Brauron: Beyond Bears (2018) and the Bryn Mawr Graduate Symposium with paper ‘Umbra Loco Deerat..Umbra Loco Venit:’ Conceptions of the Shade in Roman Egypt (2019).



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