Anca-Cristina Dan

Anca Dan is Assistant Research Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology in the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris, France). Her primary research interests center on the historical geography of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, investigated through the critical confrontation of maps and texts (she edits and comments from manuscripts and inscriptions) and geoarchaeological data (obtained and interpreted by the geophysicists, geomorphologists, geochemists, paleobiologists and archaeologists with whom she collaborates). Her current work concerns the reconstruction of the ancient environments of Ainos (modern Enez, in Turkey’s province of Edirne), the Danube Delta (Romania) and the Taman peninsula (Russia). Dan favors interdisciplinary and international collaboration in projects of 4D modelisation of ancient sites, for a better understanding of the interaction between man and nature.

After her studies in Paris and Reims, Dan received several postdoctoral fellowships in Athens, Berlin and Washington DC. Her books include Cœlé-Syrie. Palestine, Judée, Pérée (with É. Nodet, 2017), The Library of Alexandria: A Cultural Crossroads of the Ancient World (ed. with C. Rico, 2017), Orbis disciplinae Hommages en l’honneur de Patrick Gautier Dalché (ed. with N. Bouloux, G. Tolias, 2017), Études des fleuves d’Asie Mineure dans l’Antiquité (ed. with S. Lebreton, 2018).



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