Alla Bujskikh

Alla Bujskikh is the Deputy Director for scientific work at the Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (D.Phil. Kyiv 1993; D.Hab. Kyiv 2009), and Director of excavations in Pontic Olbia. Her research interests are concentrated in Greek and Roman architecture of the Northern Black Sea littoral, architectural terracotta, city-planning, house-building, and archaic painted pottery of the colonization period. Her current work is connected with excavations of the Southern temenos at Olbia, devoted to Aphrodite. Her international cooperation is supported by three common projects with Goethe-University, Frankfurt-on-Maine, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, and Bordeaux University, France. She was a corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute (2007).

Alla Bujskikh was a visiting docent at Goethe-University, Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Frankfurt-on-Maine (2017), with seminar “Ancient Greek Art in the Black Sea Area: Relief, Toreutic, Ceramic, Painting.” She was an Alexander-von-Humboldt fellow in the Eurasia Department at German Archaeological Institute, Berlin (2000-2002).

Her main books include:

Пространственное развитие Херсонеса Таврического в античную эпоху. Симферополь, 2008 / Spatial development of Chersonesos Taurica in Classical epoque. Simferopol, 2008;

Античная архитектура. Каталог. Керченский историко-культурный заповедник. Лапидарная коллекция. Т. 4. Кн. 1. Киев, 2009 / Greek and Roman Architecture. Catalogue. Kerch historical and cultural preserve. Сollection of Lapidarium. Vol. 4, 1. Kiev, 2009;

Die antiken Architekturformen im nördlichen Schwarzmeergebiet. Herkunft und Entwicklung. Wiesbaden: Dr. Reicher Verlag, 2010;

Архаическая расписная керамика из Ольвии. Киев, 2013 / Archaic painted pottery from Olbia. Kiev: IA NANU, 2013;

Архаическая расписная керамика из Борисфена. Киев, 2019 / Archaic painted pottery from Borysthenes. Kiev: IA NANU, 2019.



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